What happened to the Girl Meets Farm? Renewed Flavor with an Exclusive Deal

Debuting in 2018, “Girl Meets Farm” showcases Molly’s life on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota, where she seamlessly blends her Jewish and Chinese heritage into Midwestern cuisine.

The result is a delightful array of dishes that are not only delicious but also visually stunning. With her unique approach to cooking, Molly brings multicultural inspiration and a dash of fun to kitchens across America.

Thrilled to Continue the Culinary Journey

Expressing her excitement, Molly Yeh stated, “I am thrilled to be making more episodes of Girl Meets Farm. I absolutely love being a part of the Food Network family and I remain as inspired as ever in the kitchen.”

Show’s Ratings Surge in Ad-Friendly Demographic

“Girl Meets Farm” has proven to be a hit, experiencing a 7% increase in ratings among the ad-friendly 18-49 demographic.

The show has been averaging 0.6 in live+three-day viewing numbers, according to Food Network. The warm and inviting personality of Molly Yeh, coupled with her delectable and unique recipes, has resonated well with viewers.

What happened to the Girl Meets Farm
Molly Yeh

What happened to the Girl Meets Farm?

Renowned chef Molly Yeh recently signed a two-year exclusive deal with Food Network, ensuring more episodes of her hit show, “Girl Meets Farm.”

The show, which debuted in 2018, has seen a 7% increase in ratings among the 18-49 demographic.

Production for new episodes will commence in March, addressing the audience’s demand for Molly Yeh’s unique blend of Midwest-inspired, multicultural cuisine.

Network’s Enthusiastic Response

Betsy Ayala, Head of Content, Food, Warner Bros. Discovery, commented on Molly Yeh’s appeal, saying, “Molly Yeh has struck a chord with her warm and inviting personality, welcoming viewers into her kitchen every week as she cooks up recipes that are as delectable as they are unique.”

Ayala emphasized the audience’s desire for more Molly Yeh content and the network’s commitment to delivering brand new episodes of “Girl Meets Farm.”

Molly Yeh is More Than a Chef

Beyond her success in the culinary world, Molly Yeh is a versatile individual. She is the author of three cookbooks, including her debut in 2016, “Molly on the Range,” followed by “Yogurt” and “Home Is Where The Eggs Are: Farmhouse Food for the People You Love Most.” Additionally, she is the creative force behind the food and lifestyle brand “My name is Yeh.”

A Multifaceted Talent

Molly Yeh’s talents extend beyond the kitchen. Trained at Juilliard as a percussionist, she has performed with orchestras worldwide, in off-Broadway theatre, and as the glockenspielist for the pop-band San Fermin.

Her diverse skills have earned her both a Daytime Emmy® Award nomination for Outstanding Culinary Host and a James Beard Award nomination for Outstanding Personality/Host for “Girl Meets Farm.”

Agency Deal with Food Network

Molly Yeh’s exclusive deal with Food Network was brokered by the talent agency Verve.

The collaboration underscores the network’s recognition of Molly’s unique appeal and the audience’s eagerness for more of her engaging culinary content.

Molly Yeh’s extended partnership with Food Network promises not only more delightful episodes of “Girl Meets Farm” but also an exploration of the intersection between her cultural heritage and Midwestern cuisine.

As a multifaceted talent, Molly Yeh continues to captivate audiences with her warm personality and innovative approach to cooking. With production set to resume in March, fans can eagerly anticipate a feast of new recipes and culinary adventures.

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