What happened to the Qwabe Twins? The Sister’s Inseparable Bond Through Songs and Strength

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe, commonly referred to as the Qwabe twins or Qwabe sisters, are beloved by the people of South Africa for their soul-stirring vocals and admirable sisterly relationship.

Since the incident in Idols South Africa in 2019, their standing in the community and their sisterly bond have deepened significantly.

In Idols South Africa 2019, after Virginia got eliminated, her sister Viggy Qwabe also left the show and showed her love to her sister. It was seen as a strong sisterhood by some people, whereas stupid decisions were made by others.

Viggy later disclosed that she didn’t want to move forward with the show without her sister and that was the reason she left the show.

This incident made them popular and their soulful voices finally got recognition when they signed with Afrotainment Records, a record label in South Africa.

In the same year, 2019, their hit music featuring DJ Kira was a turning point in their musical career. The song became a hit and got Millions of views on YouTube.

There are many speculations related to the Qwabe twins on the web and most of them are nothing more than rumors.

We are going to filter out the rumors so that you cannot get into their trap. Let us start with all of the latest news related to what happened to the Qwabe twins.

What happened to the Qwabe Twins?

The search term “Qwabe twins separation” has been gaining popularity on Google since 2023. It is puzzling why fans are speculating about the twins splitting up when there has been no official announcement or indication from them.

Although rumors circulated in mid-2023 about their musical differences leading to a separation, this was proven to be false.

What happened to the Qwabe Twins
Qwabe Twins

The marriage news of one of the Qwabe sisters is also getting published in many news articles after DJ Kira congratulated them on social media and worked as fuel for spreading the news. But there is no point in talking about that in 2024 because it’s been two years since the news got circulated in 2022 and has no base at the current time.

Future of the Qwabe Twins

The recent hits of the Qwabe Twins like ‘The Gift of Love’, ‘Ziyakhala’, ‘Words of Hope’, and ‘Iqiniso’ indicated that the future of the Qwabe twins is on the rise. With each new release, they are getting more and more recognition and winning many hearts.

The Qwabe Twins have the necessary talent and confidence in their singing so that they can present African music at a global level. Be sure to follow their official social media accounts for the latest updates related to their future releases.

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