What happened to the Wilbur Soot? Wilbur addressed Shelby’s video a few days later

Wilbur Soot is one of the Twitch streamers who has generated the most controversy lately. Wilbur made a statement regarding the accusations made against him on February 27, 2024, which left many wondering about his situation and the source of the claims.

While this story may continue to evolve in the days ahead, here’s everything we know right now about what happened to Wilbur, the allegations against him, and how he has responded.

Who is Wilbur Soot?

Wilbur Soot (William Patrick Spencer Gold) is an English musician, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber. In 2017, he first gained notoriety for his work as the lead editor and co-founder of the group comedy YouTube channel SootHouse, where he made frequent appearances. He later started his channel, Wilbur Soot, in March 2019.

This channel reached 1 million subscribers on April 8, 2020, and, as of March 2024, it has amassed over 6.31 million subscribers.

What happened to Twitch streamer Wilbur Soot?

The controversy surrounding Wilbur began on February 24 when fellow Twitch streamer Shubble, whose real name is Shelby, claimed to have been abused by an ex-boyfriend while they were dating. She didn’t name the ex-boyfriend but said that this man bit her and left bruises. He would even make fun of the bruises he left behind by pointing at them after the fact.

Shelby clarified, “He would even joke that it looked like he abused me.” “And finally, he acknowledged how ugly it appeared that I was always covered in bruises, so he stopped biting my arms as frequently and switched to biting my legs.”

What happened to the Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot

Shelby claimed that during the beginning of their relationship, she was unaware that she was being abused and that it was not until later in life that she realized this.

While Wilbur was not specifically mentioned in Shelby’s stream, many people were aware that the two had dated and that Wilbur has a reputation for being a “biter,” which other streamers have attested to.

After Shelby’s stream, a lot of people realized that Wilbur was the person she was talking about, and criticism of the streamer started to grow.

She describes her experience in a clip from the stream, saying, “His biting escalated to the point where I was covered in bruises all over my arms.” And he would poke them for amusement, even though they hurt. And because he would unintentionally bite me so hard, he even felt so at ease flaunting my bruises to our friends.

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