What happened to Tiggy Hancock? Shattered Dreams in Irish Equestrian Sport

In Dublin, the equestrian community mourns the loss of rising star Allegra “Tiggy” Hancock, whose promising career was tragically cut short by a fatal accident.

The inquest into her death reveals the harrowing details of the incident and sheds light on the impact it has had on the sport.

A Promising Talent’s Journey

Tiggy Hancock, a student at Kilkenny College, hailed from Corries, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, and had previously taken critical steps in her equestrian career.

At only 13 years of age, she won a bronze medal addressing Ireland at the Under-16 European Eventing Championships in Poland, exhibiting her momentous expertise and determination.

Her less-than-ideal passing stunned the equestrian community, denying them a young talent with huge potential.

What happened to Tiggy Hancock?

Irish equestrian star Tiggy Hancock, then 15 years old, was killed when her horse fell at a water jump obstacle and landed on her stomach. On June 16, 2021, at Children’s Health Ireland in Crumlin, she was declared dead despite receiving immediate medical attention.

The incident occurred during a regular training session at the riding center, where Tiggy was honing her abilities as part of Horse Sport Ireland’s superior execution eventing program.

What happened to Tiggy Hancock
Tiggy Hancock

Reflections on Tiggy’s Legacy as an Extraordinary Rider

Relatives and trainers alike said that Tiggy was a phenomenal rider who could perform feats that belied her years. Her love of the game and natural talent left a lasting impression on everyone she knew.

After Tiggy passed away, her family established Tiggy’s Trust, a foundation whose goals are to support young riders and promote safety in equestrian sports.

Prioritizing Safety in Equestrian Sport

After Tiggy died, safety procedures within the equestrian community were reviewed, particularly with regard to the strategy for cross-country jumps.

Authorities and mentors agreed that increased awareness and safety measures were necessary to prevent future incidents of this kind.

The founder of Tiggy’s Trust focused on educating riders and advancing safety regulations to ensure that her legacy endures through concrete steps to protect athletes.

A Community United in Grief

Tiggy’s memory steps in as a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. Also,  the importance of cherishing every moment. The equestrian community struggles with the loss of arguably one of its most gifted young talents.

Her passion for riding and her unwavering spirit will always inspire those who know her. She will be remembered as a shining star in Irish equestrian sport.

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