What happened to Tigris? From Capitol Stylist to Rebel

A pivotal character in both The Hunger Games trilogy and its precursor, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Tigris is the cousin of President Snow and was molded by familial bonds during the Dark Days.

President Snow’s dismissal of Tigris as a stylist suggests that she has rebellious tendencies. She assists rebels in Mockingjay, illuminating the subtleties of her loyalty to the Capitol.

In the Hunger Games universe, Tigris sells fur-lined clothing after the battle and provides a distinct viewpoint on survival, disobedience, and loyalty.

When was Tigris first introduced in the story?

Songbirds and a few characters appear in both Snakes and The Hunger Games since Snakes is set 64 years before the latter’s events. Along with his cousin Tigris, Coriolanus Snow is a prominent figure in both the prequel and the original trilogy.

Tigris was introduced to us in the last book of the original Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, but her role in the prequel is much more important.

What happened to Tigris

Tigris wasn’t a major character in the series, so some readers might not recognize her until they come across one of her pictures. She is a resident of the capital who changed her appearance to resemble a tiger with tattoos and cosmetic procedures.

However, in the 64 years that elapsed between The Hunger Games and the stories, what happened to her?

Who is Tigris in The Hunger Games?

In addition to being President Snow’s cousin, Tigris is a stylist. Tigris and Coriolanus are relatives, which was unexpected because we don’t think many of President Snow’s buddies are rebels. Because both of their parents passed away when they were young, Tigris and Coriolanus grew up practically as brothers, according to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Grandma’am, the grandmother to the Snow children, reared them all together after the family almost lost everything during the Dark Days.

The first uprising of the twelve districts against the Capitol, known as the “Dark Days,” resulted in famine, demise, and impoverishment for formerly affluent Capitol families, such as the Snow family.

Nevertheless, Tigris was consistently understanding of individuals from the districts, who were later made to participate in the cruel Hunger Games since they had no other option given their harsh situation.

During the tenth Hunger Games, Coriolanus was assigned as an academy student to mentor Lucy Grey Baird, the tribute from District 12.

Tigris shows initiative and empathy beyond those of the other mentors by pushing Coriolanus to meet Lucy at the train station. Lucy had a strong link with the Snow family because she had saved Coriolanus during the Arena’s bonding.

Tigris became the first unofficial Hunger Games stylist when Coriolanus asked her to assist with styling himself and Lucy for the reaping and the interviews while she was an intern for fashion designer Fabricia Whatnot.

Later on, she was recognised as an official stylist, despite her contempt for the games. Her cousin and the game maker, Dr. Volumnia Gaul, had a tense relationship.

What happened to Tigris? When did she turn on Snow?

Tigris discovered the unspeakable atrocities occurring behind the scenes as Coriolanus ascended the Capitol’s ranks. In the 64 years that passed between stories, Tigris was personally removed by Coriolanus from her position as an official stylist, citing the fact that her appearance had been “too altered.” But given their lengthy relationship, it seems likely that Tigris’s association with rebels and their divergent worldviews were the causes.

Tigris likely betrayed Coriolanus because of his deeds as well as his lack of commitment to his family.

Why did Tigris alter her appearance to look like a tiger?

Though there are many hypotheses circulating, we’re not precisely sure what motivated Tigris to transform her looks to more closely resemble a tiger.

Although some appear to believe that Snow was the cause of the metamorphosis, some people think Tigris modified her appearance voluntarily in order to deal with the events taking place around her. Another hypothesis holds that Tigris intended to appear less like an average Capitol civilian and more like a tiger, which goes well with her name.

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