What happened to Trinidad James Eye? The Truth Behind Trinidad James’ Eye

Nicholaus Joseph, better known by his stage name Trinidad James (also spelled Trinidad Jame$), was born on September 24, 1987. Trinidad James is a rapper who is both Trinidadian and American.

He was dropped by the label in 2014 after failing to release an album, but he has since continued to release songs as an independent artist and has a songwriting contract with Artist Publishing Group.

In 2012, Trinidad James released his official debut single, “All Gold Everything,” which peaked at number 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

As a child, Trinidad James suffered from a head injury.

Earlier in his childhood days, Trinidad James suffered from a head injury. Trinidad James said in an interview that he had a major head injury when he was younger.

He was walking on some stone steps in Trinidad and he missed a step and when he fell, he split open his head in the middle. It was a very difficult time he faced. He has stated that he cannot remember any parts of his life before the age of seven because of his major head injury.

What happened to Trinidad James Eye?

Trinidad James’ eye remained unharmed. Trinidad James’ right eye is unharmed; the rapper was wearing a prosthetic eye on top for dramatic effect. Marco from BreakBeat Media interviewed Trinidad James on January 17, 2022, ahead of the release of his song on YouTube. He appeared on the talk show wearing a bear mask and later revealed his true identity.

Many people were surprised by his appearance and wondered what had happened to his left eye. He posted an Instagram video revealing that he was wearing a hideous artificial eye.

So there’s nothing wrong with his eye. Trinidad James, on the other hand, became a social media sensation following his prank on a talk show.

What happened to Trinidad James Eye
Trinidad James

Trinidad James wore a fake eye in the UGLY music video.

On October 31, 2019, Trinidad James debuted the music video for his single UGLY. Mike Marasco directed the video, which gets suitably spooky for Halloween with the rapper sporting a bulging prosthetic eye.

He also wore this eye on the single’s cover. The song’s lyrics revolve around the duality of the word ‘ugly’. Trinidad James discusses his insecurities and criticizes his appearance while rapping about his financial success.

Trinidad James wore the prosthetic eye during another interview.

Trinidad James has previously used a fake eye during an interview. In addition to his work as a musician, Trinidad James co-hosts Sole Collector’s Full Size Run talk show.

Trinidad James co-interviewed Deion Sanders in November 2019, shortly after the release of the UGLY music video, covering topics ranging from sneakers to life lessons.

Trinidad James wore the same fake eye as he did in the UGLY music video during the interview. For those who knew Trinidad James for his sneaker talk rather than his music, this came as quite a shock. The Weeknd used a similar promotional strategy for his album After Hours.

The Blinding Lights singer would appear on red carpets, awards shows, and in interviews wearing bandages and prosthetics to physically represent the album’s story.

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