What Happened to Trixie on Call The Midwife?

In the world of television melodrama suspicion is even with those adored characters, especially those in consecutive routines. Also, a similar example, a recent one of the BBC shows, “Call the Midwife” with its top character Trixie Franklin, featured in the US section, was considered.

The evolution of fan reactions from all the gossip and screams from different sides of Trixie’s departure and yet no concrete information from the management drove the fans to almost lose their patience in waiting for a clear announcement.

Despite the rumors, the past several weeks have eventually ended all doubts about the departure currently coming up which lead to the clear facts about Helen’s destiny within the series.

Hence, here comes the time when we will rather go into the points revolving around this controversial question and continue our discussion on the steady popularity of Trixie in the Call the Midwife universe and the unbearable missing of Jenny, however.

Who is Helen George?

Helen Elizabeth George, born June 19, 1984, is a popular English actress famous for her role as Trixie Franklin in BBC’s show “Call the Midwife.” Her other talent which is dancing was shown on the Thirteenth series of BBC One’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in 2015 where she finished in sixth place with partner Aljaž Skorjanec

Moreover, to add to her achievements, she had also been nominated for a Grammy Award for her role in the “Cinderella” cast recording at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The girllet was born in Harborne, Birmingham but later she lived in Winchester, Hampshire.

She went to Edgbaston High School for Girls, which was the upper-class girl school of the period, and happened to be quite good at ballet as her future ballet teacher will later confirm. She also dabbled in sports and was a member of the girls’ school long jump team.

What Happened to Trixie on Call The Midwife?

Helen George, who plays Trixie in Call the Midwife, will remain on the show despite her character’s potential short departure to America.

What Happened to Trixie on Call The Midwife

In the penultimate episode of Call the Midwife season 13, Trixie, one of the major characters, must make a difficult decision: stay in Poplar or relocate to New York with her husband, Matthew.

Trixie is concerned about their future together after Matthew makes a spontaneous decision to relocate for work reasons.

Fans are left to wonder what will happen to Trixie as the series finale draws near. Fans of Call the Midwife are excited to see how Trixie’s plot is resolved in the next episodes since there have been clues of a dramatic departure and the potential for her return in the future.

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