What happened to Verbalase? The Hazbin Hotel Controversy Explained

Verbalase’s confrontation with Charlie Morningstar of the Hazbin Hotel is the dramatic twist we didn’t realize we needed in the vast theatre of internet shenanigans.

An animated adventure that has the entire internet’s jaw-dropping quicker than a beatbox rhythm. Move over, popcorn; we’re reaching for memes as Verbalase orchestrates a symphony of controversy, keeping us all on the edge of our virtual seats.

Beats are dropped and eyebrows are raised in this pixelated drama, producing an engrossing story, unlike any animated beatbox duel. Welcome to the newest round of internet-infused melodrama!

What happened to Verbalase?

Verbalase faced a major controversy after an explicit animated video featuring him and a character from Hazbin Hotel surfaced online. The film, which reportedly cost $50,000, sent shockwaves over social media.

As the internet wrestled with the graphic content, rumors spread like wildfire that Verbalase suffered significant financial consequences, supposedly declaring bankruptcy amid the controversy.

What happened to Verbalase

The viral scandal has sparked intense debate, with netizens expressing a variety of perspectives.

Trigger warnings abound owing to the graphic nature of the subject, and as the tale progresses, it becomes evident that Verbalase is at the center of a storm that extends beyond financial difficulties.

According to Reddit user @thestartofluck, Verbalase spent a significant amount of money making the Hazbin Hotel offshoot music video.

The video’s sexual nature has led to reports that it forced Verbalase, actual name Adym Steven Evans, to go bankrupt.

While the specifics of this financial collapse remain unknown, the consequences are undeniably catastrophic.

What was the controversial video of Verbalase?

The controversial video shows a music video with the song “Hide Away” playing in the background.

Charlie, the Hazbin Hotel character, constantly chases Verbalase until she catches him, resulting in obscene scenes.

The alarming nature of the information sparked a firestorm of conversation across many social media sites.

Rumors arose that the video was created in partnership with a 15-year-old, but no official sources corroborated this worrisome allegation.

The dispute takes a dark turn as Verbalase confronts not only financial bankruptcy but also charges about the age of participation, prompting ethical problems within the YouTube community.

As the issue deepens, Verbalase’s previous statements have resurfaced, giving light to purported queer and homophobic views. X user @Deathraptor6 provided screenshots of Verbalase’s comments during a 2018 Disneyland vacation.

In these comments, Verbalase is described as saying, “There was no preaching about gender and gay stuff,” and in another Discord message, he allegedly made jokes regarding transgender athletes.

The revelation of these remarks has contributed to the debate since Verbalase is under fire not just for graphic material, but also for allegedly encouraging queerphobic and homophobic beliefs.

The internet, infamous for its quick and harsh judgment, has released a flood of jokes and abuse aimed at the struggling YouTuber.

Despite the mounting uproar, Verbalase has kept a noticeable quiet on the subject, leaving fans and critics alike in the dark.

The lack of a public response from the content producer has further fueled speculation about the consequences of the Hazbin Hotel disaster.

Go through the YouTube video for information regarding the Verbalase and Hazbin Hotel controversy:

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