What happened to Wade Barrett? A look into his career

Born as Stuart Alexander Bennett but renowned worldwide under the ring name ‘Wade Barrett,’ this English-American powerhouse has been a beacon of intrigue and athleticism in the WWE universe.

From leading the notorious faction The Nexus to shocking the world with his commanding presence, Barrett’s journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride through the high-octane world of professional wrestling.

Despite being billed from the bustling city of Manchester, his roots trace back to the quieter streets of Penwortham, painting a picture of life as dynamic outside the ring as it is within it.

Wade Barrett’s story is not just about the brawls and the battles; it’s about a journey through various roles and a life that constantly evolves beyond the ropes.

Who is Wade Barrett?

English-American professional wrestler, actor, and commentator Stuart Alexander Bennett is a dual citizen of the United States and Great Britain. His birthday is August 10, 1980.

At the moment, he is contracted to WWE, where he works as a color commentator for SmackDown under the ring name Wade Barrett.

What happened to Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett

Barrett became well-known as the head of The Nexus, a villainous group made up of the surviving NXT first-season rookies, after winning the first season of the promotion in 2010.

He also made his main roster debut on Raw later that year. In 2010, he was the star of five WWE PPV events: SummerSlam, Night of Champions, Bragging Rights, Survivor Series, and TLC.

In three of those events, he made a failed bid to win the WWE Championship.

What happened to Wade Barrett?

It appears that Wade Barrett’s WWE assignment has changed. On RAW, the color commentator was not present. Rather, Pat McAfee arrived to provide analysis with Michael Cole.

For those who missed it, Cole declared that McAfee and himself will now make up the new two-man booth on Night RAW. Barrett is probably going to SmackDown to work as an analyst with Corey Graves, however, this has not been confirmed.

Days after WWE removed Kevin Patrick from his contract, there is said to be a shuffle. Alongside Corey Graves, the latter provided play-by-play commentary on SmackDown.

He was finally let go after allegedly being advised to improve. It is noteworthy that McAfee made a comeback to commentary during the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event in 2024.

In the Men’s Royal Rumble, the 36-year-old was also revealed as a surprise competitor; however, he eliminated himself by climbing over the top rope. Wade Barrett participated in the Royal Rumble kick-off show pre-show panel.

For the main program, the previous Intercontinental champion provided commentary. Pat McAfee provided analysis alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves at the desk.

Barrett joined the WWE commentary staff in 2020. In August 2020, he made a comeback as an analyst on Triple H’s NXT program. Wade shared a booth with Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph, making three people in total.

WWE revealed a significant reorganization of the commentary crews and added Wade Barrett to Michael Cole’s SmackDown roster. As part of yet another shift, Barrett was promoted to RAW.

If Barrett decides to appear with Corey Graves on SmackDown, fans may have to wait until that episode.

Is Wade Barrett married?

Barrett is not currently married, and there is no information available indicating that he is currently dating anyone. However, rumors indicate that he was in at least two relationships before.

Her former girlfriends were Victoria Crawford and Rachel David. He is reportedly unmarried right now, according to many sources.

The Nexus’s storyline gained immense popularity among WWE fans, and it briefly sparked a rivalry between it and John Cena.

Although Nexus’s victory in this feud would have had a significant impact, WWE ultimately had to demonstrate John Cena’s dominance, and Nexus ultimately lost.

The Nexus’s defeat left the supporters feeling deeply let down. He did not reside in Manchester, even though that is where WWE bills him as coming from.

Throughout his childhood, his family moved around a lot in England and Wales; they never stayed in one location for longer than nine years.

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