Where is Feven Kay? A look into her life

Ascending before the sun and illuminating Las Vegas with her convincing narration, Feven Kay remains as a signal of journalistic integrity in the clamoring city that won’t ever rest.

With a vocation that explores like a masterclass in strength and commitment, Feven has cut a specialty for herself in the realm of broadcasting news-casting, epitomizing the soul of assurance and a steady quest for truth.

Go along with us as we investigate the existence of Feven Kay – from her foundations in the rich social embroidery of East Africa to turning into the voice of the early morning in Las Vegas, Feven’s process is a demonstration of the influence of energy, tirelessness, and the effect of recounting stories that matter.

Who is Feven Kay?

Emmy-winning American journalist Feven Kay works as an anchor and early-morning reporter for FOX5 Las Vegas. On weekdays, Kay reports live from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.

She also reported for KERO 23ABC News over the weekend. She spends the rest of the morning covering the top stories and reports of the day. As a committed journalist, Kay wants to give the voiceless a chance to be heard.

Kay has even covered a number of national news stories and is passionate about telling untold stories. The gorgeous journalist was born in Eritrea, in East Africa, in 1984.

However, she was raised in California, in the US. Her birthday is celebrated on September 8th each year, and as of 2024, she will be 40 years old.

Where is Feven Kay?

Feven Kay currently works for Fox 5 Las Vegas as an early-morning reporter and anchor, providing the locals with reliable and timely news.

Feven Kay has been employed by Fox 5 Las Vegas since 2018 as an early-morning reporter and anchor during the week.

Where is Feven Kay
Feven Kay

Throughout her time at the station, she has played a crucial role in providing the vibrant Las Vegas community with timely and accurate news, as well as informing residents about significant events and developments.

Drawing from her journalism education and extensive experience both in front of and behind the camera, Feven contributes a unique and priceless viewpoint to her reporting pursuits. 

Her thorough coverage of news stories across multiple platforms demonstrates her years of dedication to the craft and guarantees that viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

In the Las Vegas media landscape, Feven is a reliable source of information due to her unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity and her innate passion for storytelling, whether she is anchoring live broadcasts or engaging in investigative reporting.

Significant turning points in Feven Kay’s career trajectory have shown her adaptability and commitment to the journalism industry.

Feven demonstrated her willingness to take on new challenges when she bravely decided to move into on-air roles following her time as an assignment editor at KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles.

After making this career move, she was hired by KERO ABC in Bakersfield, California, as a multimedia journalist and weekend anchor, where she developed her talents even more and established herself as a front-of-camera personality.

Her path demonstrates her resolve to advance her career and significantly alter the media landscape.

Is Feven Kay dating someone?

Since Feven Kay has not disclosed anything about her relationship on social media, it is unknown what her current status is. Nonetheless, the anchor disclosed a story about her first boyfriend on Twitter back in 2018.

Kay’s first boyfriend cheated on her when she was just 13 years old. That day, the anchor went home in tears. Her father then got some boys to beat up her ex-boyfriend the following day.

The journalist was in shock that her kind father would do such a thing. She eventually came to the realization that parents would stop at nothing to ensure the well-being of their children.

Her sustained success demonstrates her capacity to adjust to varied settings and perform well in a range of broadcast journalism roles.

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