Why did Ben and Lexi break up? Fans are Eagerly Seeking Answer

Ben Azalart is a famous content creator who makes videos related to stunts and some challenges. He has a significantly good following on YouTube and TikTok. Lexi Rivera is also a YouTuber and TikToker and makes challenges, dance, vlogs video-related videos. They both were in a relationship since 2018 but broke up in 2020.

Ben and Lexi’s YouTube Career and BreakUp

Ben and Lexi collaborated many times and made prank and funny videos together. Their fan following was so genuine and always embraced their relationship. Their vlogs and unmatched chemistry were something that captivated their YouTube video viewers.

Their fans believed that they were made for each other and would never leave each other. But a turn in 2020 proved everybody wrong when they uploaded a video on YouTube about their breakup and officially announced their split forever. But what was the reason behind the end of their loving relationship? Let us find out together in this article.

Why did Ben and Lexi break up?

Ben and Lexi started dating when they were young and learned many new things as they moved forward in the relationship. On November 23, 2020, Ben and Lexi uploaded a video about their breakup on their separate YouTube channels.

Ben uploaded a video with the title “Our Truth” and Lexi uploaded a video with the title “We Broke Up”.

Why did Ben and Lexi break up
Ben and Lexi

In the video, they both talked about the reasons for their breakup. They both said that they met three years back and were just friends for 6 months.

They both, then, started a relationship and started giving more time to each other. They both also emphasized more about how they were young when they started dating, Lexi being 15 and Ben being 16 years old.

Their relationship was fully public and fans continuously posted their reactions, and theories about the future, and some even posted negative comments.

These are small things but they have talked about in this video how they were also very young when they started dating and could not handle so many different opinions and pressure from fans.

Now they realize that they both have different paths and different requirements. They want to focus on themselves and want to follow different paths. They stated that they will continue to be friends and that the possibility of them dating in the future is not fully over.

They just need some space for now and may date in the future. It is worth praising how they both realized what was right for them and decided to be friends even after the breakup.

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