Why did Nick and Pierre break up? TikTok stars explain their breakup in new video

Nicky and Pierre, are known for their content that highlights their everyday lives and travels as a gay couple. The two also shared a joint YouTube account, where they had nearly 2.5 million subscribers.

Post-breakup, Champa says he and Pierre will no longer be creating content together, as they are focusing on different stages.

Champa informs Out, “I will be continuing my process.” I would like to focus more on acting and modeling, so I recently started working at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). That is my goal, and I also use social media for it.

“I think my biggest goal is to find my voice,” Champa continued. I was shadowed by the brand that we created and I didn’t have the platform or space to be myself. 

Why did Nick and Pierre break up?

The couple separated because of the pressure of social media.

Prominent TikTok influencers Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo gave a heartfelt and emotional explanation of their breakup after nearly a year of marriage in a YouTube video. The couple, who were well-known for being open and honest on social media, talked about the challenges they faced in their relationship, the pressures of the platform, and the reasons they ultimately decided to split.

The couple acknowledged the difficulties brought on by their internet celebrity. “I do not think it is true that social media destroyed our relationship—I think it just complicated it,” Nicky said. They nevertheless felt a sense of accountability despite the complexities. “We took ownership of the things we have made and the things we have constructed together,” Pierre continued.

Nicky elaborated on the growth theme, saying, “You know, when you meet somebody, you meet them at a certain point in life. At a certain point, you start to either grow even closer to each other or you go away.” “You have to pick yourself first, and I think we are both picking ourselves first”.

Why did Nick and Pierre break up
Nick and Pierre

Despite their choice, they still exuded love and respect for one another. Nicky emotionally thanked Pierre, “I just want to thank you for helping me become the man that I am.” He went on to acknowledge their fans, saying, “We owe a huge thank you, not only did you guys give us the opportunities, but you gave us a platform that we both cherished.”

Who are Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo, and what is their age gap?

Nicky and Pierre gained notoriety by sharing content about their everyday lives and travels as a gay couple.

Alongside this person, I grew up. He’s a very special person and will always remain that way for me.” The 27-year-old attributes the breakup of his relationship with Boo to both their nine-year age difference (Boo is 36 years old) and the ongoing pressures of being a social media celebrity.

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