Why is Millie Gibson leaving Dr. Who? A look into her career

The news that Millie Gibson will play Ruby Sunday marks a surprising turn in the show’s storied journey in the ever-evolving “Doctor Who” universe, where time is fluid and every goodbye is just another twist in the timeline.

Go along with us as we investigate the puzzling universe of time lords, inestimable experiences, and the rising star of Millie Gibson, whose brief yet vital stretch on “Doctor Who” has made a permanent imprint on the core of the Whoniverse.

We should set out on an excursion through reality to reveal the story behind this startling turn and the inheritance it abandons.

Who is Millie Gibson?

Actress Amelia Eve Gibson hails from England. Her birthday is June 19, 2004.

Her most well-known roles are Kelly Neelan in the ITV1 soap opera Coronation Street (2019–2022) and Ruby Sunday in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who (2023–present).

Why is Millie Gibson leaving Dr. Who
Millie Gibson

Gibson was born in Greater Manchester on June 19, 2004. Her right eyebrow is scarred from falling downstairs when she was a baby. She went to the Blue Coat School in Oldham, and she was from the Tameside village of Broadbottom.

She enrolled in drama classes at Oldham Theatre Workshop, where she was discovered and signed to Scream Management, a Manchester Media City talent agency.

2017 saw Gibson make her on-screen debut as Indira Cave in the CBBC series Jamie Johnson. 

Why is Millie Gibson leaving Dr. Who?

It is still unclear why Gibson is leaving Doctor Who so quickly and if the show’s creative team or the actress made this decision.

Either way, it is clear that even after Gatwa took a leave of absence from the show, she still has her back. In the meantime, casting details for her replacement in the upcoming season have already been made public.

Varada Sethu has been chosen to be the Doctor’s next companion; however, nothing is known about her character’s name or other specifics.

Star of Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa has spoken out following co-star Millie Gibson’s departure from the science fiction series.

The details were leaked ahead of the May season premiere, following Gibson’s casting debut in the December Christmas special.

Following the announcement, Gatwa posted a picture of himself and Gibson from an upcoming episode of Doctor Who on his Instagram Stories. He just wrote, “My lil,” and added a heart emoji as his only commentary to go with the picture.

Although a precise date has not yet been disclosed, the upcoming season of Doctor Who is scheduled to debut on the BBC and Disney+ in May 2024.

Although this exit seems abrupt at first, it makes sense given the history of the program, particularly Russell T. Davies’ initial run as showrunner. The separation does not always imply animosity.

Varada has already begun filming the Cardiff set for the 2025 season. 

What is Dr. Who about?

The British science fiction television series Doctor Who debuted in 1963 on the BBC.

The show, which was developed by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson, tells the story of the travels of an extraterrestrial named the Doctor who belongs to the Time Lords, a humanoid species.

The Doctor uses a time-traveling spacecraft known as the TARDIS, which has the exterior appearance of a British police box, to travel both through space and time.

The doctor fights enemies while on the road in an effort to save lives and free oppressed people. The physician frequently takes companions on trips.

Ncuti Gatwa is the series’ lead actor as the Fifteenth Doctor as of 2023; the series’ leading actors have been William Hartnell, John Hurley, and fourteen other actors.

The idea of regeneration into a new incarnation, which is a plot device in which a Time Lord’s cells regenerate and is reincarnated after suffering a fatal injury, is written into the series’ plot to facilitate the actor-to-actor transition.

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