Is Gary Cole leaving NCIS? What is Gary Cole famous for?

NCIS, which is about to enter its 21st season, is currently the third-longest drama series on television in history, only surpassed in total seasons: SVU and Law & Order. 

The changes that were made at the end of Season 18 and the start of Season 19 were realized in Season 20, with Katrina Law (Jessica Knight) successfully replacing Emily Wickersham (Ellie Bishop), who left the team at the end of Season 18, as the team’s female member, and Gary Cole (Alden Parker), who succeeded Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs), winning over the team and viewers.

Is Gary Cole leaving NCIS? 

No, Gary is not leaving NCIS. Fans who fear that they may have to say goodbye to another team leader can rest easy. Agent Alden Parker does not appear to be leaving NCIS anytime soon. 

With multiple successful spinoff programs that have developed sizable fan bases, the 2003 crime procedural NCIS has established one of the most prosperous franchises in broadcast television history.

While several actors, including Pauley Perette, Mark Harmon, David McCallum, and Maria Bello, experienced notable career advancements as a result of their work on NCIS, the series is about to embark on a new chapter with Gary Cole leading the group as Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker.

Even though Cole seems like an odd choice to be the show’s protagonist, he is an underappreciated character actor who has been improving movies and television shows for decades.

Is Gary Cole leaving NCIS
Gary Cole

Although the term “character actor” is sometimes taken as a slight, Cole is an actor who has excelled in small roles. Although Cole has not always been regarded as an “A-List” star capable of inspiring passion for a project just by his name, many of his greatest roles have gone on to become cultural icons.

Although it is exciting to see that Cole will be leading the NCIS franchise going forward, this is not the first time Cole has made an appearance on a critically acclaimed drama series.

Cole has received praise from critics for his guest appearances since he frequently brings something new to programs that were already at the top of their appeal. 

Even though Cole is frequently a familiar and entertaining face on screen, he has an equally impressive history of animated roles. Cole has created outrageous characters that would be unfeasible for live-action television shows, such as those that recur on Family Guy, Kim Possible, Bob’s Burgers, and Archer.

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