Did Preston and Brianna break up? What is their relationship status in 2024?

In the fast-moving world of social media, rumors and hearsay often spread like wildfire. 

Recently, inquiries about Preston and Brianna’s divorce—also referred to as PrestonPlayz and BriannaPlayz—have been making the rounds online. The romance between Preston and Brianna started when they went on a blind date. They hit it off right away and talked over coffee for seven hours. 

After a successful relationship, they became engaged in October 2017. 

Preston posted a video of their wedding celebration at Dallas Union Station in May 2018 on his YouTube channel, PrestonPlaz. They share moments with their millions of followers on social media, frequently expressing their love and happiness.

Meet Preston & Brianna

Renowned social media personality Preston Arsement, also known as PrestonPlayz, has a sizable fan base on his YouTube channels. In 2010, he started his career specializing in video games, especially Fortnite, Among Us, and Minecraft. 

Preston has an impressive 22.3 million subscribers on his primary YouTube channel, PrestonPlayz, and 7.67 million subscribers on his side channel, TBNRFrags. 

However, Preston’s wife, Brianna Arsement, is also a successful YouTuber. Before joining the world of YouTube, she was employed as an emergency room nurse, thanks to Preston’s encouragement. 

After launching her channel, BriannaPlayz, in December 2018, she soon attracted a devoted following and, in less than a year, attained one million subscribers. Brianna’s content, which emphasizes gaming and enjoyable challenges, closely resembles that of her spouse. 

Apart from her popularity on YouTube, Brianna is a gifted vocalist who has performed covers of well-known songs and expressed her ambition to work on interesting musical projects. She has performed in several stage musicals, including “Legally Blonde,” and has held jobs at several theaters and entertainment businesses.

In addition to her passion for Disney and “Harry Potter,” Brianna loves to travel, attend concerts, and create engaging content for her audience.

Did Preston and Brianna break up?

No, the couple is still together.

Preston Arsement and Brianna Arsement have had an amazing journey together since getting married on May 12. Despite several false reports of their separation, their marriage has persisted, demonstrating a solid and happy partnership.

Did Preston and Brianna break up? What is their relationship status in 2024?
Preston and Brianna

Preston and Brianna have cultivated a relationship based on love, trust, and mutual respect. Their commitment to each other has seen them through challenges, solidifying their bond and contributing to their enduring happiness in marriage.

As public figures, Preston and Brianna are no strangers to baseless gossip. It is critical to rely on truthful information instead of accepting unverified claims, particularly concerning their marital status.

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