What happened to Eamon and Bec? A Canadian couple’s van-dwelling journey 

Eamon Fitzgerald (age 28) and Bec, aka Rebecca Moroney (age 29), are a Toronto couple who made their travel life by a van-based home. They traveled across many countries and captured their way of life to post it on their YouTube channel.

As of now, Eamon and Bec’s YouTube videos have 1.2 million subscribers from all over the world. As a commoner like us, they too have gone through tough times in their lives. This is even bound to disappoint their fans across the country. 

How did Eamon and Bec get together?

Before starting their travel journey, Eamon and Bec worked for some corporate companies. But they too were not happy enough with their present job. Their similar interests made them get to know each other on social media. Then they soon decided to start their journey as a couple. 

What happened to Eamon and Bec?  

Eamon and Bec faced a setback when Bec was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2021. After treatment, they resumed their travels. Recently, they moved into a rental house in Canada and had a premature baby, preparing for a comeback.

What happened to Eamon and Bec
Eamon and Bec

As things are going the right way in Eamon and Bec’s lives, an unexpected disaster comes through in the form of a disease. When Bec was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2021, it made these nomads take a break from YouTube life.

After all this, Bec’s life turns normal through the medications. Again, the couple restarted their travel life by documenting all their adventures.

Some sources on social media revealed that they were pregnant. Soon, Eamon and Bec also revealed that they were going to have a baby. So they wanted to move from their van to their rental house in Canada.

There, they also had the birth of a premature baby. It is also expected that Eamon and Bec will give their comeback with the family of three to their fan followers. 

The Toronto couple’s fame on YouTube

At first, Eamon and Bec planned to travel to the United States and Canada by van. They recorded all their exposures and continued posting. During their travel, they often visit motels and restaurants along the way.

They review some coffee shops as well. These reviews even made their YouTube revenue higher, which ranges above $3,000,000.  They also started their tea shop, “Chaiwala. Chaiwala”.

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