What happened to Rocky from Below Deck?

Dakota Rockie (aka Rocky from Below Deck), a cast member who really rocked it, left us all a little speechless in her very recent appearance on Bravo’s favorite television series. With Season 3 being Rocky’s third year of serving the yacht, the season was quite dramatic regarding her temporary love affairs and relationships, as well as other storylines.

Nonetheless, this single fact which may at first sight seem so very bad, eventually demonstrates to Rocky that her real life beyond the screen is really out there and maybe even better.

The article will be solely about the life of Rocky after the Below Deck show; what she has done; the adventures she has had; and her companionship with Mark.

Where is Rocky from Below Deck?

The next place Rocky goes is Eddie, the boat, but just after that, she spends some time of her life, traveling the world. Moreover, she started to do a few smaller opportunities in Florida and this has become a place where many ex-TLC crew members seem to reside shortly after the Bravo show.

Rocky from Below Deck looks across the ocean to St. Martin and the USVI from their position off the coast of St. Luke. She was living in Hawaii in 2016, a state where she had also attended college and done her first sailing courses.

Now Rocky’s Instagram handle is private and the BBC report revealed that she recently found her true love after a tempestuous relationship with a rocket scientist named Eddie.

The Below Deck alumni, Rocky, has a past homosexual relationship with one guy named Mark whom Rocky met back in 2017.

What happened to Rocky from Below Deck?

Rocky had a notable time on Below Deck Season 3 as the third stew but hasn’t been seen in the entertainment scene since. She was involved in a significant storyline involving romantic entanglements with bosun Eddie Lucas and chief stew Kate Chastain.

What happened to Rocky from Below Deck

Rocky had a very turbulent experience that shaped and healed her. The crew member was one of the main plot storylines of Bursa Lar after her romantic relationship with bosun Eddie Lucas and chief stew Kate Chastain.

As a Diary of an EHR Professional blog, a report on Distractify highlighted that on two occasions, Eddie misled her about her now-boyfriend apart from leaving with Rocky.

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