Did Big Sean and Jhene break up?

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, prominent artists in the world of Hip-hop and R&B, are celebrated for their captivating stage presence. Their romantic relationship commenced in 2016, attracting considerable public interest.

Nevertheless, in 2019, the news of their split and subsequent unfollowing on social media quickly spread like wildfire.

They released many albums together during 2016-2019 and you can see the effect of their love, care, and feelings in their songs.

You may have also heard about their breakup and wanted to know the reason behind it. This article delves into the deep evaluation of the reason for their breakup.

In 2019, Big Sean and Jhene unfollowed each other on Instagram and that gave a clear sign to all their fans that they got separated. This hint was enough for a clear sign that there was something wrong in the relationship. But still, it was unclear that they broke up because there was no official confirmation from their side.

Did Big Sean and Jhene break up?

Finally, in March 2019, Jhene confirmed the break up on social media and talked about their separate paths. The breakup confirmation was shared by Jhene in an Instagram comment but never officially posted about it. She also added that they both held mutual respect and love for each other. They both never blamed each other in any way.

Did Big Sean and Jhene break up
Big Sean and Jhene

Big Sean and Jhene’s Co-parenting life

In March 2021, Jhene and Big Sean made a surprise entry together at the Grammy Awards. That gave a sign that they both may come together and resume their relationship. The red carpet was full of the news of their patch-up.

However, it was just a one-day reunion, and their official social media platforms do not give enough information.

Here comes a big surprise in November 2022 when both of them welcomed their son, Noah. You may think they are officially together but sadly that’s not true. Still neither of them ever confirmed the status of their relationship but their co-parenting method somewhere gives hints that they can come together in the future.

Current status of their relationship

Their current relationship status is unclear because they have not confirmed it on their official social media platforms but it is clear that they respect each other a lot. They are involved in co-parenting their son which shows they both respect each other and hold deep affection for their relationship.

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