What happened to Elyse Myers? When will she be back on social media?

When Elyse shared her story of going on a first date with a man she met through a dating app and how he conned her into buying 100 tacos from a Taco Bell drive-thru, it went viral in 2021. Millions of people watched the video, liked it, and commented on it, bringing attention to Elyse’s account. She was a web developer at the time, and her only hobby was creating TikTok videos.

Since then, 7.1 million people have followed Elyse’s account.

For over three years, well-known TikTok creator Elyse Myers has been making fans laugh every day with her quick-witted storytelling. But as of March 18, 2024, Elyse appears to have removed all of her videos from the app, so anyone who came to her page could no longer enjoy her content. What transpired with her TikTok account?

What happened to Elyse Myers?

As of 2024, Elyse’s TikTok account is still active, but all of her videos have been deleted. 

A brief message that reads, “Taking a break from this app,” is included in her bio. “I will see you when I see you,” accompanied by an emoji of a white heart. Elyse refrained from disclosing the rationale behind her decision to step away from TikTok.

Nonetheless, a lot of fans have conjectured that it was because of the remarks she got on her page in the days preceding her departure about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza. 

The remarks seemed to be a part of Operation Watermelon, a TikToker movement founded by Angie (@angie_mariie) that called on followers to bring up Gaza and Palestine on the pages of well-known creators.

Regretfully, this prompted a deluge of people to harass Elyse in her comment sections for keeping the dispute off her page.

What happened to Elyse Myers
Elyse Myers

Since Oliver, Elyse’s second child, was just born with a hole in his heart, many of her fans have defended her for keeping quiet about personal issues she has been handling at home. It’s possible she decided to take a break from the social media app to focus on her family, which also includes her son August and husband Jonas.

What other social media platforms does Elyse Myers use?

In addition to deleting the clips from her TikTok account, Elyse also erased the content from her Instagram page and substituted the same message in her bio. She is still active on YouTube, though. It is not apparent when or if Elyse intends to use her other social media platforms again.

Will Elyse Myers ever return to TikTok?

According to her bio, Elyse is just taking a break from TikTok, but whether or not she decides to return will depend entirely on her timeline and healing. The videos on her YouTube channel are still available, but all of her posts from Instagram and TikTok have been removed. She may be taking a break from her weekly YouTube uploads while avoiding other social media platforms, but it is unclear if she intends to carry on.

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