Is George Stephanopoulos leaving This Week? Rumors About Departure and Truth Behind It

George Stephanopoulos, along with other hosts Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts, can be seen every day on our screens. Their presence every weekday has become a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. A day without them feels incomplete for their audience.

Following this situation, any of the three hosts’ absence raises questions among audiences about their whereabouts and well-being.

A while ago, Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts could be found sitting together on their show This Week but not George Stephanopoulos. This raised questions and concerns about his absence, which ultimately led to rumors about him leaving This Week.

George Stephanopoulos Went MIA

It is quite rare to witness the anchors of Good Morning America not being together every morning. However, back in December, audiences had to see only two anchors instead of three.

George Stephanopoulos went missing from the show on ABC. His presence has a significant impact on the show and his absence raised concerns about his whereabouts.

In December, during a weekend, instead of George Stephanopoulos, Whit Johnson was seen hosting GMA Weekends along with Robin and Michael and this sudden disappearance of George could not be digested by the viewers.

As soon as they realized George was not on the show, they took to social media to find out about George’s whereabouts and show their concern for him.

Is George Stephanopoulos leaving This Week?

No, George Stephanopoulos did not leave This Week. There is no such official announcement about George’s departure so it is safe to say he is not leaving This Week.

Back in December, George took a temporary break from his job and this absence was mistook as a permanent departure from the show. Though this was not the case, he took a well-deserved break to spend some sweet time with his family.

Is George Stephanopoulos leaving This Week
George Stephanopoulos

Holidays Spent with Family

The absence of George Stephanopoulos on This Week was due to his family. Stephanopoulos took a break to spend time with his family. This sweet reason was not explicitly revealed.

However, when George’s wife, Ali Wentworth, gave a glimpse of their family time together, fans realized the reason behind George’s absence.

A photo was shared of the couple on Instagram by Wentworth on December 11 showing that they are waiting for their daughters, who are off to college but soon will be back and they can’t wait to hug them out.

George’s Revelation About Absence from This Week

At first, George didn’t reveal the reason behind his beak; however, Hello! magazine reported that there is nothing to worry about regarding George’s MIA situation because he is taking a break to spend some well-deserved time with his family.

The report gets some sort of confirmation from Ali Wnetworth’s Instagram post, to which fans showed their happiness too as she mentioned that their daughters are coming back for holidays.

Fans couldn’t keep calm but cheered them and hoped they spent a lovely and fun time together.

Later on December 12, George went to Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he revealed his plans to take a short trip with his wife and daughters as their daughters were coming back for holidays. “We’re going to take a little vacation, but we’ll be home for a week first,” said George Stephanopoulos.

All in all, George Stephanopoulos is back on screen and can be seen hosting people’s favorite shows, Good Morning America and This Week. His onscreen presence has once again filled the lives of audiences with charm and fun.

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