Is Jack leaving EastEnders? Helping Denise Might Be a Big Trouble 

In the recent episodes of EastEnders, the audience can see The Six getting into trouble. The murder of Keanu has given a twist to the story. We can see in the upcoming episodes of EastEnders that Jack can get into trouble along with The Six. But the question might arise: why would Jack get into trouble? Well, the upcoming episodes are going to be filled with lots of twists and turns, and either way, Jack’s trouble will only increase. And these upcoming troubles for Jack have created speculation among fans about his leaving the EastEnders.

Keanu’s Fate Took a Tragic End

The happiest festival of the year took a dark turn when Keanu was murdered. Keanu’s fate turned out to be tragic when his plan didn’t go well; in fact, his plan backfired on him. He was murdered by Linda Carter on Christmas Day.

Keanu was there to kill Linda’s partner, Sharon Watts but he failed and lost his life when Linda interrupted. She tried to protect her partner and in doing so, she accidentally killed Keanu.

Stacey, Kathy Beale, Suki Panesar, and Denise were eyewitnesses to the crime that happened in defense of Linda. All of them freaked out but they took a deep breath and promised each other that what happened in the room would stay there. They will not utter a single word to anyone about Keanu’s death and will help each other to cover up for the crime and bury the dead body of Keanu.

Denise and Stacey Digging the Grave

After the death of Keanu, he was buried under the floor of the café. The eyewitnesses to the crime have decided not to let others know about Keanu’s murder and tell the police that he ran away from Walford after attacking Nish Panesar.

However, their plan took a turn when Denise recently realized that her necklace had fallen into the grave and was now under the cement. So when Stacey and Denise got the chance to take out the necklace from the gave and remove evidence that proves their involvement in the crime, they grabbed the opportunity.

Is Jack leaving EastEnders?

No, Jack is not leaving EastEnders as there is no confirmation of it yet. Jack put himself in trouble when he offered his help to Denise Fox. He accidentally walked on to Denise and Stacey and realized the truth behind Keanu’s disappearance. He was shocked to see them trying to get the necklace back at the burial site.

After confronting the ladies, they confessed their crime to Jack. He immediately helped the ladies and stopped his will to report the murder scene to the police and help save his wife from being sent to jail.

Is Jack leaving EastEnders

Jack Managed to Escape the Burial Spot

After the women left the room, Jack worked up to find the necklace, and he succeeded in doing so just in time as Bernadette Taylor and Alfie were trying to get into the room. However, they couldn’t see or catch Jack as, on time, he left the room, leaving behind the mess he created while searching for the necklace.

Police Went to the Burial Spot

Just when Jack left, Bernadette Taylor and Alfie got into the room and it took seconds for Bernadette to step on the mess and see the dead body. After that, the police were immediately called up.

Meanwhile, Jack went to find Denise and Stacey to tell them he had secured the necklace. Both women were relieved and thanked Jack for helping them out and suggesting their next move.

Being a police detective, Jack didn’t go to the police to report the crime but will he regret his decisions? Whatever Jack does, he has a very high chance of getting into trouble. If someone finds out that Jack has removed the evidence and tells the police, he might end up in jail.

If Jack tries to let the police know, then there is every possible chance that The Six will frame him with a murder weapon, and he will naturally end up in jail. So there is every possible chance of Jack’s exit from EastEnders, but there is no confirmation.

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