Is Thomas Craig leaving Murdoch Mysteries? The end of Season 16 has Created Speculations

Thomas Craig made his name in the show business by performing many roles over the years. At the beginning of his career, he was merely a plumber but who would have thought a plumber might earn fame one day? He became popular for many shows like Blue Murder, The Paradise Club, etc.

However, he peaked in popularity when he took on the role of  Thomas Brackenreid in Murdoch Mysteries. The role of the inspector has earned him a huge fan following and admirers over the years.

Somehow, people are concerned about Thomas Craig’s stay at Murdoch Mysteries, which makes them wonder if he is leaving.

Craig’s Life Before Murdoch Mysteries

Thomas Craig completed his college education at a very prestigious Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. After graduating, he landed the role of  ‘D.C. Lambton’ on the crime series The Paradise Club.

The show gave him popularity and he was soon recognized by people. After his successful role in Paradise Club, he played numerous roles in television movies, series, and feature films. However, he is best known for his character in the series Where the Heart Is and Coronation Street.

Craig turned his fate around by starring in a dramatic film in 2001. The Navigator, directed by Ken Loach, changed Craig’s life and gave him many opportunities to show his talent to the world.

Craig is currently known for his role on the award-winning series Murdoch Mysteries as ‘Inspector Brackenreid and has even been nominated for Gemini Awards.

The Tough Job of Inspector

Thomas Craig’s role is not an easy one. Portraying an inspector on screen is tough because the action sequence and the inspector’s stature are tough to maintain. But never mind, because Thomas Craig has done great over the years and did justice to his character, Thomas Brackenreid.

He has a few catchphrases that have caught viewers’ attention. These catchphrases are  “Bugalugs,” “Me Ol’ Mucker,” and “Bloody Hell.”

Is Thomas Craig leaving Murdoch Mysteries
Thomas Craig

After saying that, he swigs scotch in a very unique way as he drinks it from a teacup. Murdoch is the best man in the Inspector; he keeps saying that now and then.

The Inspector was an army man and had way more experience in life than anyone else, like  Detective Murdoch and Constable Crabtree. He has successfully created a loyal bond with everyone he knows.

Is Thomas Craig leaving Murdoch Mysteries?

No, Thomas Craig is not leaving Murdoch Mysteries. There is no such news about Thomas’ departure. After Season 16, the audience is wondering if Thomas Craig is leaving but he is back in Season 17. So currently, the chances of Craig’s departure from Murdoch Mysteries are next to zero.

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