What happened to Ava Baroni Combs? Disappearance After 2020 has Raised Concern

If you are not familiar with Ava, it is worth mentioning that Ava Baroni Combs is the adoptive child of the renowned American rapper Sean Diddy Combs. At the age of 16, born in 2007, she maintains a low profile on social media.

In 2020, she made her debut on Tiktok alongside her father Diddy, where she identified herself as Sean Diddy Combs’ daughter.

Last Appearance on TikTok in 2020

In that video, she said about herself, “I am Ava and I am a Scorpio,” to which her dad, Sean Diddy Combs, asked her to say her full name and she replied, “I am Ava Baroni Combs.” However, after her introduction in that TikTok video in 2020, she has not appeared in Diddy’s videos.

Since then, fans have been worried about her, especially after the recent events with Sean Diddy. Let us get into the depths of this matter.

What happened to Ava Baroni Combs?

Ava recently created a TikTok account and posted her 3 videos. She and her TikTok bio posted these videos, saying, “Hi, I am Ava Baroni Combs I am fine Don’t worry for me Pray for my Dad”. She asked to pray for her dad, indicating that it was about the raid that recently took place in Diddy’s house.

Ava has just posted 3 videos on her TikTok account and gained a decent amount of followers and more than 100k views on each of her videos. Her dad, Diddy, is facing legal issues these days that are related to child trafficking.

In the residence of Diddy in Miami and Los Angeles, the FBI has done a raid and created trouble for the rapper.

What happened to Ava Baroni Combs
Ava Baroni Combs

Nothing much happened with Ava because of these cases and she clarified it by posting videos on TikTok and the caption, which clearly says that she is okay and that it is her father who needs the prayer.

She also seems to be sure that her father is not involved in such activities but FBI raids and cases will bring the truth forward.

What are the charges against Sean Diddy Combs?

There are many charges against Ava’s dad, including sexual assault, sex trafficking, drugs, and illegal guns, which were found in his mansions, and his phones were seized. Since November, five lawsuits have been filed against Diddy in New York.

His engagement in various criminal activities has resulted in several raids. The FBI has already raided his residences in Los Angeles and Miami. After the event, his daughter Ava uploaded videos on TikTok asking for prayers for her father and letting people know that she was fine, as everyone was worried for the innocent kid.

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