What happened to Ava Wood? A 14-Year-Old was Fatally Shot

A devastating incident unfolded in Baldwinsville, N.Y., as 14-year-old Ava Wood was killed horrifyingly. The heartbreaking event has left the community in shock, prompting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

A Disturbing Night Before the Tragedy

The night preceding the incident, Christopher Wood, 51, allegedly conveyed his distressing thoughts to Ava’s mother, leaving an unsettling message that hinted at an ominous end for the family. This foreboding interaction set the stage for the tragedy that unfolded the next morning.

What happened to Ava Wood?

Ava Wood was 14 years old when she was killed by her father, Christopher Wood, in an apparent murder-suicide.

On January 20, police responded to a distressing call from Ava’s mother, reporting that Ava had not attended school.

Concerned about the well-being of her daughter, the mother mentioned Christopher Wood’s depressive state, noting his ominous statement the night before.

Upon arrival at the Baldwinsville home, police discovered the lifeless bodies of Ava and Christopher, both succumbing to gunshot wounds in separate bedrooms.

What happened to Ava Wood
Ava Wood

Attempted Check Leads to Heartbreaking Discovery

Responding to the mother’s call and armed with house keys she provided, officers conducted a status check at approximately 8:30 a.m. The intention was to ensure Ava’s safety, given her absence from school.

Unfortunately, the officers stumbled upon a scene of unimaginable horror as they discovered the lifeless bodies of Ava and Christopher inside their home.

Marital Status and Living Arrangements

Reports indicate that Christopher Wood was still legally married to Ava’s mother, Heather Wood, although the couple was separated and living apart.

Despite the broken marital relationship, Ava primarily resided with her father. The complexity of these familial dynamics adds a layer of nuance to the tragic narrative.

Gratitude Amidst Heartbreak

Heather Wood, Ava’s mother, released a statement expressing gratitude for the community’s support.

Despite the heartbreaking circumstances, the family acknowledges the outpouring of love and emphasizes the role of community support in sustaining them during these difficult times.

Remembering Ava as  a Promising Student and Athlete

In addition to her academic excellence, 9th grader Ava Wood of Durgee Junior High School is renowned for her skills in track and field and soccer.

The school district sent an email to parents informing them of the tragic news and offering their condolences to Ava’s friends and family.

A bright young athlete with a bright future has passed away, and the Baldwinsville community is in deep sorrow.

Corey Fonseca, Ava’s soccer coach at Syracuse Development Academy, honored the young athlete at a vigil on Sunday night.

Ava was called a “great kid” by Fonseca, who also urged the community to remember her as a “incredible person.”

Ava’s loss has left a lasting impression on her sports community, highlighting the significant influence she had on everyone in her vicinity.

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