What happened to Mrs. McCarthy on Father Brown? Will “Father Brown” have a Season 12?

Actors, performers, and other talented people frequently switch between projects. While some choose to dedicate their entire career to just one series or franchise, others manage to stay booked and busy working on a variety of projects.

When a cast member leaves for any reason, characters have been written out of or recast in countless movies, TV series, video games, and other media.

One prominent cast member was missing from the tenth season of Father Brown, the long-running crime drama on the BBC. The absence of Mrs. McCarthy was conspicuously evident to viewers due to the on-screen dynamics.

Although it was previously known that Irish actress Sorcha Cusack would depart from Father Brown, fans of the show are still perplexed as to why she gave up her portrayal of Mrs. McCarthy. Sorcha left Father Brown, but why? The lowdown is here!

What happened to Mrs. McCarthy on Father Brown?

Sorcha Cusack left ‘Father Brown’ to focus on other projects.

Some long-term cast members have moved on from Father Brown to progress their careers beyond the series. Father Brown Season 10 has not taken precedence over other projects that Sorcha has on her schedule, which has limited her availability to return. She would have a good reason to move on from the show.

What happened to Mrs. McCarthy on Father Brown
Mrs. McCarthy

Though the actress has not commented on any possible return, there are still those who hope that Sorcha will return to Father Brown in later seasons. Mrs. McCarthy’s role has not been recast, and the creative team has not disclosed what the project’s potential next steps are.

Will there be a Season 12 of ‘Father Brown’ on BBC?

For Father Brown enthusiasts who are not ready for the show to end, there is good news: Season 11 debuted on BBC One in the United Kingdom on January 5, 2024.

The 11th season of the show debuted on BritBox for American audiences on January 23, not too long after. Sylvester McCoy, a former member of Doctor Who, made a guest appearance in the most recent season.

Mark Williams and Lorna Watson continued to be in the cast of Father Brown Season 11, which started filming in the Cotswolds. John Light, Ian Gelder, and Ingrid Oliver are among the other cast members of Season 11.

Fans of the show will also be thrilled to learn that Father Brown Season 12 has been approved and that production is set to begin in the spring of 2024. Britbox, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movie, Vudu, Roku, YouTube, and Apple TV all offer Father Brown for streaming.

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