What happened to Roger Cook on This Old House? The Long term Journey Came to an End

Roger Cook was part of the show “This Old House” from 1988 to 2020. He was not just a part of the show but an unforgettable character who entertained many people for 3 decades.

In that show, he was a landscape contractor. His spirit to do something new and fresh was something that bound his fans with him so deeply.

He was an expert in transforming neglected yards into beautiful yards. His knowledge and experience in gardening, decorating gardens with beautiful plants, their position, and deciding the whole yard’s design made him special in the show.

He was considered one of the pillars of the show. The show revealed his skills in a great way.

Roger Cook’s Love for His Work

Roger’s genuine love for what he does and his involvement in the design and craft is something that inspired many of the viewers. You might be wondering if he was so passionate about his art then why he left the show and what happened with him? Well, that is something that we have covered deeply in this article. Read the article to get your answers.

What happened to Roger Cook on This Old House?

Despite being a beloved personality on the show Roger Cook decided to leave This Old House in 2020. He was deeply in love with what he was doing, i.e. landscape work. To know about the whole scenario, we have to go back to the past. In 2018, the less frequent appearance of Roger on the show was being noticed.

This situation made his fans think that there was something wrong. Either his health is not fine or he has some issues with the show.

After some time Roger himself told his fans that he was going through some health issues that made him unable to join the show regularly. He also mentioned about making fewer appearances on the show.

What happened to Roger Cook on This Old House
Roger Cook

His focus shifted to his health and spending time with his family. However, in January 2020, Roger finally decided to leave the show and left his fans in disguise.

In an interview with the host of the show “This Old House”, Roger mentioned that he had a great time being a part of the show and he loved the entire cast and crew with his heart.

Who joined the show in place of Roger Cook?

After the departure of Roger from the show, Jenn Nawada joined the show as a landscape designer and expert. Jenn is also a fabulous landscape designer and does her every work with passion.

However, it will take some more time to fill the space of Roger but with time the fans will surely give the same support to Jenn as they gave to Roger.

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