What happened to Keith Marler on Channel 9? Overcoming Inner-Ear Challenges on Channel 9

Twin Cities meteorologist Keith Marler, known for his role as the morning meteorologist at FOX 9, made a triumphant return to television on Monday after a prolonged absence.

His absence created concern among his viewers and fans and they desperately waited for his return in the meantime.

The Announcement in October

In a public announcement at the end of October, Marler shared with viewers the nature of his health struggles and the reasons behind his extended leave.

The seasoned meteorologist revealed that what initially seemed like a brief hiatus in July had evolved into a months-long battle with inner-ear issues.

What happened to Keith Marler on Channel 9?

Twin Cities meteorologist Keith Marler took a hiatus from Channel 9 due to an inner-ear issue, specifically vertigo, which began in July.

His prolonged absence, announced in October, was characterized by a slow and meandering path to recovery.

Marler made a triumphant return to TV on Monday, easing back into his role with limited on-air hours as he continues to rebuild his schedule.

What happened to Keith Marler on Channel 9
Keith Marler

Marler’s inner-ear troubles surfaced unexpectedly in July, catching both him and his audience off guard.

Describing the onset, he explained that his inner ear “went haywire,” causing a sudden and intense bout of vertigo that he likened to being hit by a truck.

This alarming experience led him to undergo a series of medical checks to understand the root cause of his health challenges.

The Slow Path to Recovery

As the weeks turned into months, Marler faced the reality that his journey to recovery was not a straightforward one.

In a candid admission, he shared that the pathway to health was more akin to a meandering journey, marked by occasional setbacks, slow progress, and even frustrating moments of regression.

Despite these challenges, Marler maintained a positive outlook and persevered through the unpredictable nature of his recovery.

A Gradual Return to Work

On Monday, Marler triumphantly returned to his role as the morning meteorologist at FOX 9.

However, he acknowledged that it was not a full-speed return, stating, “Back to work! Back to wearing a tie! Back to an alarm clock & shaving! Ahhhh…only on-air an hour per day as I ease back into my schedule, slowly building in the days and weeks to come.”

He emphasized the significance of getting through the first day, considering it the biggest hurdle for his recovering brain.

Reactions and Support

Following his return, Marler took to Twitter to express his gratitude and share his experience with his followers. He thanked his supporters for their encouragement during his health struggles and affirmed that he was taking it one step at a time.

Viewers and colleagues alike welcomed him back, highlighting the positive impact he has had on the Twin Cities community since joining FOX 9 in 2003.

Keith Marler’s triumphant return to the Twin Cities airwaves marks the end of a challenging chapter in his life.

Battling inner-ear issues that sidelined him for months, Marler’s perseverance and positive spirit shine through as he navigates the complexities of recovery.

His gradual return to the familiar morning meteorologist role serves as an inspiring reminder of the resilience required to overcome health setbacks and the unwavering support of a community that values his presence on the screen.

As Marler continues his journey to full recovery, viewers eagerly anticipate more of his familiar presence and weather updates on FOX 9.

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